Gaur Sadar Bazar Grow their business by opening the shop or office


Gaur Sadar Bazar

Call Us – 09555807777, Email –
B-71, Sector-67, Noida (UP) 201301, India

 Gaur Sadar Bazaar is amazing shopping destination to be at which is in Gaur City Center Noida Extension. Here, you can find everything which you need of all ranges such as cheap dress materials, cosmetics products, home décor items, electronic product and various products and it has a heavy collection of the products where you can choose according to your need. Products are sold in bulk at the most competitive prices, so any vendor who is looking for nay items can go for this complex. Gaur Sadar Bazaar is the great commercial plaza where one can set up their business and grow their business by opening the retail shops and office spaces.

There are lots of shops more than 400 units in Gaur City Center that sells everything from silk sari to the local medicines, the Gaur Sadar Bazar is the most vibrant shopping complex in Noida Extension. This commercial plaza comes alive in the evenings or on the weekends or especially colorful on festive occasion. So, if you are looking for a number of choices and conscious for the fashion, then you should definitely go to the Gaur City Center plaza.

Gaur City Centre 1st Floor “Gaur Sadar Bazar” is the largest shopping centre where one can easily find the best collections and get to know the exact fashion or trendy style is going on the market. At cheap rates, style and fashion, your search should end right here. Gaur Sadar Bazaar proves to be the best one-stop destination where one gets the top quality brand of domestic and international and fulfills the needs of each member of the family. There is a smart shop for smart buyers. It has a bright and buzzing market located on the first and second floor while the third floor is occupied by the restaurants and 5-star hotel and moreover, top floor is filled with multiplex and gaming section where one can either watch a movie or play the indoor games.


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