Gaur City Center Sadar Bazar – complex will never disappoint you


The Gaur City Center is really an impressive commercial retail shop destination as it is very near to the upcoming metro station and amazingly designs according to the modern style. When you enter the shop, you may just feel walking around in an abroad. Here, you can keep yourself relaxed by enjoying the facilities like fast food, fine dining, movie theatres, kids play zone and indoor and outdoor games. This project is combination of fashion brands from every continent and often finds leisure facilities. Take out your time on your weekend and explore this destination, you won’t be disappointed.

The Gaur City Center is designed to cater to all budgets and all shopping styles. Everybody can find something they like there. It is a flourishing luxury shopping and recreational area. It is a typical shopping paradise that Noida is famous for, this is a place who wishes to browse through the latest and most reasonably priced products. You can watch movies and go to discos to chill out the malls. So, make your day the happiest one as it ensures to give you a feeling of enjoyment. It is becoming one of the luxurious malls of India. The mall offers a unique shopping experience with designer and premium lifestyle products. So, enjoy your weekends by doing some shopping along with a great number of food joints.

The Gaur City Center Sadar Bazar is the latest shopping mall located in Noida Extension created by Gaursons Group to fulfill the daily needs of the people. Here, you will find five levels of high-end designer shopping and top floor occupies the entertainment section where you can have some parties. Whether you are looking for high-end luxury brands or fascinating street market items, this commercial complex will never disappoint you. It is filled with all the stores, shops, boutiques, restaurants; it’s hard to decide where to shop. So, it is a great destination for eating, drinking, entertaining and shopping. So, the perfect destination for fun and shopping.


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